Peter Smolenski has long worked in the field of real estate

Posted by Admin - May 15th, 2014

Peter Smolenski has long worked in the field of real estate. He has been working in the field for many years. Peter Smolenski is the co-founder of Logan Ventures, which is a well known and well respected real estate investment venture in the Chicago area. Logan Ventures was founded by Stanley Pillman and Peter Smolenski in order to finance their investment projects.

Peter Smolenski has also been involved with Shelbourne Development Group, one of the most well known real estate investment companies in Europe, based out of Ireland. Peter Smolenski is the founder of the Chicago Office of the Shelbourne Development Group.

Peter Smolenski has All the Skills

Posted by Admin - June 7th, 2012

Peter Smolenski, along with his partner Stanley Pillman, founded a company called Logan Ventures in the fourth quarter of 2010. Logan Ventures is a labor of love for Peter Smolenski and Stanley Pillman, but it is also a fifty-million dollar real estate fund. It was creates so that they could make investments in distressed real estate properties and later turn a profit on them.

Specifically, Logan Ventures takes aim at distressed properties with a price-tag of under ten million dollars. Although the real estate investment fund mostly buys distressed properties in and around Chicago, there are some opportunities for national holdings too.

Over the last twenty years, Peter Smolenski has honed his business skills and now possesses a business acumen that few can claim. He brings a range of talents to Logan Ventures—Peter Smolenski is skilled at equity and debt placement on behalf of major financing institutions. He also has considerable experience with sourcing of real estate transactions, as well as the management and renovation of distressed properties with the end goal of maximizing turnover. Peter Smolenski has all the skills needed to successfully manage and grow a real estate firm. Peter Smolenski is now one of the guiding lights behind Logan Ventures, which is in a very healthy place, despite the recession that hurt real estate prices so much.

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